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Welcome to The Writers Study!

TWS - Your library, and desk.

Please read our Rules and FAQ

If there are any questions please
note the founder, Kiibun.

A Clockwork Heart

Notations of Impossibility(Nova Londinium, Year 1180 after Ragnarök
Ministry of Enlightenment Approved: N/A [Error #308: Data not found]
Identification Number: 10-008-966-6870
I am Astrid Neyavir, third biological child of Lucan Neyavir, one of the only to escape the great purge of Special Administrative District Eleven- a continent once called North America, long, long ago. Our family used to bear the insignia of Those Who Had Dreamt, before the starving dogs of the Church of All Infinities tore it apart like the carcass of a fallen animal. We were the direct descendants of the ones who had lived before the curse of Ragnarök- not the products of genetic engineering, nor any related experiments to the artificial duplication of deoxyribonucleic acid and et cetera. Most of us are gone now, either too hesitant to take sides in the War or else- victims to the Time Warp that is devouring the planet. The Ministry though, appears to only care about the fact that there are no more organic specimens to be obtain
Cross my 'heart', I shall not die    "What are these feelings I hold for you, creator? Am I to feel these emotions within my gears; within my core; within my mechanics? How can I feel, when they say I cannot feel? When I am around you, my circuitry goes awry and I cannot help but do everything I can to make you happy, no matter what it is. Is this what 'love' is? Do I-" My voice cut from my inner ranting as a warm hand touched my cold, metallic shoulder; it was my creator. I stood up immediately, awaiting my creators to give me my orders. My creator was the most beautiful, intelligent, deviant human I've ever met since my creation, 5 years ago. Her figure was one of amazement, not surpassed by another thing, human or machine. A body, not too slim, nor too big; she resembled a slightly wide hourglass. Her skin so fair it would rival a pane of glass, untainted by the world, so carefully washed and dried for hours until not a single drops of oil could stai

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A Clockwork Heart CONTEST
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Summers Gone CONTEST --completed--
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We love getting Affiliates requests! Please just ask~ As long as your group has to do with writing and literature in some way, it's going to be approved!!~

Newest Members

TWS Weekly

Issue 1 - June 8

Well how is everyone today? I hope everyone's weekend it going well. Now, because this is only the first edition, I'm going to explain what this weekly blog is going to try and do for you! Every Saturday, I will be creating a broadcast to help reach out to you, my members, with polls, questions, prompts, and features! Getting you, and your work recognized and maybe help to get the creative juices flowing with a not so conventional prompt. So let's get started shall we?

This Weeks Most Active

ADistortedUtopia and thepoetboy

These two creative men, residing in the beautiful UK, have been the most active this week, with wonderful submissions of free verse poetry, both unique and talented artists touching on deeper, darker emotions.

PsychosisCan’t seem to get away from it
Only lies to guide the path ahead
Psychosis running rings
Within a translucent failing mind
The blood still running thick and red
Before your eyes, you chase the prize
Arms outstretched into the night
The surface layer burns so bright
You built your own deception
To illuminate your mind
The only success resides in isolation
You never learnt
A mindless abomination
Still deluded, still cracking at the seems
Couldn’t work out what this all means?
This is the element of failure
Built on your own perception
Of a world of your resolve
repetition was always a filthy lover,repetition was always special to him.
he treated repetition like a
best friend
told him all his secrets
and got used again
and again
   and again
       and again
he repeated everything
he repeated everything
fell in love with the same boys
         the same heartbreak
over and
over and
over and
so one day he told repetition to
get lost
take a hike
stay away

and he did
and all the familiar walls peeled back
to show the factory called sadness
that he'd been manufactured in
and repetition published his secrets
into a new york times best-selling novel
and he realised that repetition
wasn't the problem
the prayer
and so he breathily chanted
(come back)         chanted
(i need you)        chanted
(you're my life)    chanted
                   Screamed [Please]
but repetition had been buried alive
8 years back
dirt and grass
and the usual boys
   the usual heartbreak
and he read his headstone (he'd missed the eulogy)

Weekly Prompt Writing Challenge

Element 1

This week we will be working on the first element of writing, with a simple prompt: During the story, there is a sudden change in temperature. When and if you do the challenge, give a link below and you'll be featured in the next blog!

The Weekly Poll

Click Here To Vote!

This week's poll: What would you like the theme to be for our next contest?

My Questions To You!

Answer Below in a Comment!

1 - What would you like to see more of?
2 - Should we add any new folders?
3 - What do you want to change about the group?
4 - Do you prefer poetry, or prose?
5 - How do you get over writers block?
More Journal Entries


This is the Admin Crew of TWS~ Please be respectful of them, and come to them with any and all questions and concerns.






Group Info

This group is for writers, poets and any other masters and creators who use the written word. This is a place to collect, present, and critique your works of written art.
Founded 2 Years ago
Aug 18, 2012


Group Focus
Art Collection

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*Thanks for the join! I invite critiquing by anyone. Please comment about anything related.
The Official Autobiography of the Fictional Henry O. is creative non-fiction, and guaranteed to captivate your emotions. You may feel repulsed, hopeful, aggravated, inspired or insulted. Just know that your emotions will be stirred.
These are posted chapters from a continuing WIP. More to come.
*Caution - Adult themes and situations.
Wolfmoon35 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi everyone! I just posted two sonnets and I would like people such as yourselves to critique them, if you don't mind and have some time to spare. Please take a look at them and let me know what you think. Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!
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