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Well! What an amazing turn out we've had! Sadly, due to some errors (not stated as an entry/irrelevance/fanfiction) some [9] of the submissions weren't eligible. But! We had a grand total of 21 entries! And so, the judging begins. I hope to have it up in a week, but you must be patient. As I (the founder) am the only judge, it falls on me to deliver the results; and my birthday is on Tuesday~ So, you've got to cut me a little slack!~ ^^

And so! Here are the final entries:
An Autumn NightWait! Stop! I'm coming!
Accursed winds, halt your whistles!
So that I may
Return to my future.
So that I may
Leave my past.
I feel cold.
My antennas are chattering
As I rush across the landscape
Riddling with wintry air
An alien land I have never before undergone.
I feel afraid.
My legs are tucked to my body
As I fret they will fly too far away
I feel alone.
I feel worthless.
Why did they leave me behind?
My brothers and sisters.
As I fly
Orange and black clashed with the transparent wind
I ask myself
Am I just too slow?
Am I just not strong enough for this life?
They are getting further and further away
All they are now are a dark mass
To a dark sky
Why do they look so faded?
I feel tired.
My wings cannot take this turbulence.
Maybe it is fate that I do not come.
I am not meant for this
Or is this a test.
A lesson.
In this school of life it is hard to tell.
Maybe both.
I feel fatigued.
Once upon an autumn night
This autumn night
A little butterfly did
Once Upon an Autumn NightThe End
A single moment can change your life.
I know that. I’ve lived through that. I’ve experienced so many life changing moments in my nineteen years. I have had wonderful and hauntingly beautiful experiences, as well as painful and heart wrenchingly sad moments. And each moment of my life, each choice that I have made has all led me here, where I am now.
The moment I got accepted into the University of my choice, when I opened that envelope and read the first line, that moment changed my life. It was the moment my future lay ahead of me and for once the path was clear and unobstructed, I could see where I was going.
The moment my best friend told me he was falling in love with me was a moment that changed my life. It was the moment I found my soul mate.
Right now, the only significant moments of my life I can remember all happened in autumn. I suppose that it’s because right now it is autumn and it’s just easier to remember everythi
:thumb335642895: Autumnal InsomniaIt's an Autumn night. The cold comes cutting
Across the seas and the Isle is in winter's for-pang.
I am still at my desk in sweats and fevers, pacing
Over long due essays and the morning's march.
The space on the wall is screaming at me
From where the picture hanged upon the arch
Above the study door. My phone has not rang
In days. In no way could you call me free.
Is it late or early or both? I cannot see
Past the window's blank abyss and I delve
Into another long since read book and look to find
The clock is already far past twelve.
The creaking grows with roaring zephyrs
Of night-breath, the gate creaks in torment
And the dark and twisted line of the tree
Seems horrifying to me.
I close the curtain and shut the door
And pick my book up from off of the floor.
I look and see the clock is now past three
And it matter not in the least to me
And I pray to the Man of Galilee.
Lead-lined eyes and a slurring soul
And the hours awake take their toll
And I fall asleep.
Siren's visitOnce upon an autumn night
While I hid in sheer fright
came the call of siren sweet
making my heart skip a  beat.
The sound of steps as light as rain
only enhanced my dear heart's pain
quickening the rhythm of my breath
and enhancing my mind's wrath.
The sound of her entrance made me look
and left me as a fish caught on her hook.
Just that one quick glance
speared me as if by a lance.
As I stood entranced
she quickly closed the distance
to stand in front of me
and become the only thing I see.
"I love you like the autumn mist
and sorely have you been missed"
is what I wished to utter,
but when tried I only stuttered.
She firmly took my hand in hers
as icy as if metal spurs
and led me out into the night
which only increased my plight.
I remember how we used to sit
fitting together like we were knit
and a tear I left unshed
just as feelings I left unsaid.
MisunderstandingsAnother day of being in college was hell for every student and teacher on campus. Fortunately tomorrow was a holiday and almost everyone was filled with joy.
Everyone except one girl.
Her short hair was as white as snow while the remaining long strands of hair were dyed black. Among her classmates, she was the only one not cheering. Only silence stayed with her.
Soon the bell rang and everyone rushed out as soon as possible, feeling the sweet sense of freedom. The quiet girl was the last one to walk out of the classroom only to be stopped by a group of students.
The strange white haired girl stopped in her tracks and turned around.
One of the girls in the group came forward and asked, "Do you want to hang out with us tomorrow? There's going to be a party at –"
"No thanks," she simply replied. Veno pushed up her glasses and fixed the books she was carrying in her hands. Before she left to go home, she told them, "I'm busy tomorrow."
The next
An Autumn NightAn Autumn Night;
May, or may not be full of fright
An Autumn Night;
Winter's just in sight
An Autumn Night;
These days have less light
An Autumn Night;
When the moon shines bright
An Autumn Night;
The season I love, with all my might
Staying SpecialLeaves swirled around my feet as I pulled my oversized grey sweatshirt tighter around me. The bag of soup was tucked under my arm as I skipped up the steps towards the magenta row house.  I pulled my key out of the pocket of my skinny jeans and unlocked the door, suddenly greeted by the warmth and the ball game on TV. Rob was lying on the couch, probably napping. I firmly closed the door and placed my bag on the coffee table. Susie immediately went for it, lured by the smell of chicken noodle soup. I grabbed her around the stomach and lifted her up towards me. "Come on Sue," I said. "There's plenty of cat food in the kitchen." Tweaking her ear, I carried her into the kitchen and set her down on the counter. Noticing that Rob hadn't fed the cats, I decided to do it. As I put the can opener to work on the first can, Mary and Teeny Tiny came down. "Hungry?" I asked, scooping Susie's dinner into a bowl which I set over near the stove. I dished out the second meal and then sat Tee Autumn Night.The crisp, cool air blanketing me in a shower of chills. 
My eyes grow wide, captivated by the glorious sight that surrounds me.
The snow crunches underneath me with every step, the only thing breaking this beautiful silence.
As I look ahead of me, I catch a glance of a fox and its kits, Her fur shines a radiant white, illuminating under the clear night sky, bedazzling my eyes as she gracefully glides across the ground, her little ones not far behind.
Off to my right I hear the cooing of a barn owl, its flaring gold-brown colors reflect power and grace.
I inhale the fresh autumn air as winter nears, the cool, minty air exhilarates me, cleansing me of all my troubles.
Upon this glorious Autumn night, I feel most alive.
Hello, Autumn.                              'Hello, Autumn.'
Once upon an autumn night, I felt a soft, hissing breeze, tangling the hair around my cheeks.
I heard soft splashing rain as it fell on my eyelashes, creating small beads that reflected light of the distant stars.
I saw flame-colored leaves deserting their branches as they covered the wet ground like a child's cluttered toys. As I looked at the now-bare trees, hunched under grey clouds that blocked the moonlight from reaching earth; I was reminded of obnoxious ghosts--trapped souls begging for mercy with their screams.
And as the rain kept pouring, emptying the black sky, I was reminded of summer times on a rooftop's broken ledge. I would pretend that the drops on my forehead were salty sea-water; that the wet mud was hot sand and as I let my memories take over, falling leaves would sw
AutumnFeeling the wind
with my fingertips,
tasting the
sunlight with my tongue.
It's soft touch gave
trees it's color
and the wind it chill.
I see the leaves fall,
while their bright colors
swirl around me.
Their warmth pushing through
the ice cold air.
Close your eyes softly
and feel the touch of the
Feel the gentle breeze
of the luminous air.
Hear the songs of birds
as they sing of
"Once upon an Autumn Night..."
while they fly placidly North
through the star lite sky.
See the bears lay down
while they wait for
their deep rest to come.
Open yours gently and look
around the world
see the sun go down
and the stars shimmer
and you will see
the sky move slowly
towards the Autumn swirl.
The Passer-ThroughOnce upon an autumn night,
When children danced in deep delight,
Stood a man upon the bed
Of grinning, splitting leaves.
Step by step he made his way
throughout the streets of child's play.
Ev'ry creature turned to see
And not a word was said.
His eagle eye—he had but one—
Scanned the slowly setting sun,
Scrutinized and glanced upon
The people in the street.
Ev'ry man who met his gaze
Quickly flinched and looked away—
For on his bristly, brutal cheek
A mark of vice was set.
Deep the bitter scar was etched,
From his eye to lip was stretched.
From his lips a snarl would stem
When someone stopped to stare.
Hurried in the children were,
Hushed behind a guarded door.
"Hide you must from demons who
will make-believe a man."
Happy streets of youthful glee,
Empty then except for he,
And of course the little girl
Who ran to match his stride.
"Who are you?" she asked in light
--all the parents gasped in fright.
But the scarred and scary man
Simply slowed his step.
He turned to fac
The Day Autumn CameOnce upon a time in an autumn night
the wind blew strong with the courage of a hurricane
the first leaf fell as if a constellation flew shinning it's light
hope lifted among the hopeless, for every wish fell a drop of rain
The darkness came ending the immortal grievance and fear
no more may suffer or boil their skin with a burning sun
trees moved singing the melody that caresses every ear
seconds of joy passed as the new season began to run
Transmissions of divine light across the sacred forest
revealing the path were trees dropped their old leaves
the summer slipped from the world, and came one of the oldest
the third son of the mother earth will prepare us for eves
Shinning presence, natural season, the gift to end our woe
he will cover us with its fur coat, will touch and heal the heart
the sky will not be unpleasant anymore and trees will bow
for respect animals will sing and the glory season will start
The broken mirror will be deceived by its own reflect
seven years of madness wi
A Final PerformanceThe trees are on fire.
Even in this perfect, sparkling black, the flames burn on. In shades of rust, of gold, of earth and of blood, they light up the skies in a closing cry before their fall.
The air is scrubbed clean. The heaviness of a long-time drought fades in this crisp new painting. The close, soupy atmosphere of ages previous has all but vanished, expelled in contempt by a colourful new reign.
The stars have never looked so sharp, like each is coated in diamonds and ice. Each point of light, so very far away for something so clear, has its own crown, a splendid jewel suspended on black velvet for the earth to envy.
The world is giving a vibrant final performance, one last play before the curtain falls and the theatre is emptied for the season. The stage is so brisk and beautiful, even though the audience knows that soon, this arena will be a bleak and deadened floor. And the trees put on a spectacular display, an act that will cause the winds to hail them with thunderous applau
A Fight At NightOnce upon an autumn night,
To kids got into a terrible fight,
They hated each other,
And they wanted each other to stuffer,
And they fell to the ground,
On the wet leaves,
Rolling around,
Beating the snot out of each other,
The air was chilled,
And you could hear the sounds of the night,
But all they wanted to do,
Was keep on fighting,
They fought a little more
Till they both was done,
And both was hurt,
And out of energy,
And they lay on the ground,
Looking at the stars,
Just wondering,
Why they had to fight for,
They finally decided to be friends again,
And they left
Being the best of friends again.
Last Thoughts in a Colorless World
A young girl walks down a weathered path strewn with curled leaves, a canvas of criss-crossed dead branches halfheartedly cover the sky overhead. A rough black cloak coversher fragile shoulders, along with a hood that shields half of her ghostly white face- all you can see are her pale pink lips that silently whisper words to an unheard song. Her bare feet stand strong beneath the whipping fabric, caught by the wind.
Everyone had begged for her to stay, but its too late now. She always knew she must go, for the strong must survive.
The forest seems to swallow her up, pulling her deeper into the mass of fallen leaves with each step of her dainty, unmarked feet. She trembles slightly with each shuffling step, fighting against the orders of her tribe- but she had known that she would be the one who was chosen, not her brave sister.
She furtively glances at her surroundings- dead leaves, the sole remnants from the autumn long ago and now just a sad reminder of the cold winter to come. She
Once Upon an Autumn Night
In a place far, far away and upon an autumn night
In the dark and dread, hidden from sight
In sinister shadows, in grave sin,
Lurked a monster, one of his kin
Dreadful he was, and daunting, and gaunt,
Residing in a place he could easily haunt
In an old abbey, abandoned and dark
The monster could freely leave his mark
He reigned in silence, listening in his home
To the sounds that would scarcely come
And once they would, he'd glide from curtain
Away from shadows, for he'd know for certain,
That another one had been drawn to him
And he could live in the shadows of autumn, in sin.
Once Upon an Autumn Night...
Once upon an Autumn night
All the leaves on trees take flight
Colors change from green to brown
Falling to rest upon the ground
Once upon an Autumn night
The moon glistens like a large silver light
Surrounding the speck of Planet Mars,
Glisten a thousand brilliant, sparkling stars
Once upon an Autumn night
The evening breeze turns the climate just right
A basic sports hoodie or a nice little sweater
Perhaps a jacket would be better?
Once upon an Autumn night
Not a being stirs in the tiny campsite
The once-crackling fire is all burned out,
And the tired snores echo throughout
Once upon an Autumn dawn
The sleepy town awakes with a yawn
Anticipating the beautiful sight
  that comes with every Autumn night
Still like dreaming, you hold me dear-
The Autumn night surreal, the silence bare;
The wind a still gossamer like web tangled wings,
Soft whispers touching of clementine dreams...
The gifts of the Goddess, we take to the skies
An embrace of twilight that between us, lies-
Of masquerading truths and clandestine desires,
And darkening lusts and kindling fires-
You spoke to me, on that Autumn's night
And gave me empty promises that still set me alight-
Temptations, bitter honey, multicolored leaves
All set to rot when spent the last of the eve-
And twisting your hands, you turned the world to naught-
All the hardships and toil to a heaven long sought
(A macabre antiphrasis) But yet still, you burn
The ice of reality turn on by turn-
I did not know sin, or really what innocence deemed
But am I a fool for accepting what seemed
Or rather, I knew to be an inevitable end
To be abandoned the day after only yet again?
Once we had danced under the full moon's glance

I would like to wish everyone good luck! All of the entries are really wonderful~
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